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JD: Product Lead

Your Impact

A product visionary in his own right, Marty Cagan said that “behind every great product there is a person with great empathy for the customer, insight into what is possible, and the ability to see what is essential and what is incidental.” Our mission is to build products people love—always has been.

It’s your job to help lead the product forward, making sure your teammates deeply understand the why behind what they’re working on, and how their work realizes our product vision and strategy.

About the Role

You are the voice of the business within the team. You're responsible for the results of what we ship, and you own the business impact every step of the way. You deeply understand the market, emerging trends, and where the business opportunities lie.

About You

Who You’ll Work With

Ben Henderson, Head of Product – You’ll be reporting to Ben. Together, you'll sharpen product strategy, and document what you're learning along the way. Ben will help you grow in this role, and develop your skills. You’ll learn to ask great questions, to which the answers enable us to build great product.

Chris Brookins, Chief Product Officer & Head of Engineering – Chris is the Head of the Product organization and will work closely with you both as a Product Leader, and as a partner on the Engineering side. He’ll guide you and the team in developing great strategies and processes that help us achieve our business wide objectives.

Nick Francis, co-founder and CEO – Nick remains very involved in the product, from future vision to pushing pixels. You’ll work very closely with him on roadmap priorities, product ideas, and polishing the customer experience.

Design and Engineering – Together with these teams, you'll make up the ‘three legs of the stool’ on the product discovery front. You'll validate product ideas, tactics for getting things done, and metrics to measure success.

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